The bar scene in Pattaya is a thriving place for horny and mostly older men to meet gay Thai boys. There are few hot spots in Pattaya and Jomtien which are loaded with Thai boys who work in a range of gay venues such as beer bars, gogos, karaoke, massage parlors and saunas. Boyz Town, Jomtien Complex, Soi Day Night and Sunee Plaza are 4 well known areas that are nearby one another, yet separated by thousands of Thai bar girls and other prostitutes in between.

Pattaya is a gay friendly city and many Thai boys fall into 1 of 2 categories. The first maintain a slim masculine appearance and use their youthful age and sexual availability to attract customers.

A lot of these boys are simply just doing it for the money, have Thai girlfriends and getting pumped by horny old farang is a quicker way to wealth than working as motorcycle taxi drivers or installing air conditioners.

The second group go all out, get fake tits implanted on their chests, wear wigs and pile into women’s clothing to take on a completely different role as ladyboy transvestites. The major difference between the Thai man and ladyboy appearances are the types of foreign men they attract.

Boyz Town, Sunee Plaza and Soi Day Night

Boyz Town is located in an L shape connected to 2nd Road and Soi 13/4 Pattaya that is about 150m north of the Walking Street entrance. Boyz Town has no shortage of young fit Thai boys employed as hosts ready to entertain and go short or long time with farang customers for the usual 500 to 1,000 Baht.

It is much the same process as paying for Thai bar girls anywhere in Thailand whereas you can choose to hang out, chit chat and buy lady drinks and pay a bar fine of around 350 Baht to leave together for the night.

To capture more foot traffic, many of the gay Thai boys and their ladyboy counterparts tend to spill out on to the Beach Road promenade and loiter between Royal Garden Plaza and Walking Street.

On the other side of Walking Street you will find Soi Day Night that runs down off South Pattaya Road behind Tukcom and connects to Sunee Plaza between Soi VC and Soi Yensabai. The section is best accessible by foot and is usually an ideal way to walk between bars to stop and chat before going in.

This area has a high concentration number of gay bars, guesthouses, gogos, karaoke, massage, night clubs, restaurants and enough hardcore entertainment to make your eyes pop out.

Entertainment is more visible here at night time because of dance music and more gay Thai boy hosts waiting around for customer outside the venues.

Hook up with gay Thai boys in Jomtien

Jomtien has some prime areas known for older farang men looking to meet gay Thai boys. First is the Jomtien Complex that starts before Thappraya Road turns right and continues to lead down to Jomtien beach.

It is similar to Sunee Place with lots of gay beer bars, massage shops and is more visible because it’s located just off the 2 main roads in and out of Jomtien.

Dongtan Beach is the other location and a magnet for older farang men looking to meet gay Thai boys. Here is known Pattaya’s gay beach and is a short stroll 500m north of where Thappraya road intersects Jomtien Beach Road and turns left.

You need stop anywhere near here and walk up to Dongtan Beach that stretches up to the Grand Condotel Village past Pattaya Park.

Gay Thai boy prostitutes tend to emerge throughout Dongtan Beach and dimly lit car parks during sunset as Jomtien Beach starts to get dark. The process is very similar to the quantity of Thai girl and ladyboy prostitutes that rock up across Beach Road (coconut bar) Pattaya each evening.

It is very easy to strike a deal for sex with these individuals who make themselves available for gay tourists due to the high volume of low cost prostitutes and nonetheless prowlers cruise around Pattaya looking for action.

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