Under all the smiles and makeup there is a truth about bar girls in Pattaya that takes time to understand. Most, if not all bar girls are super jealous and exhibit childlike behavior involving bitchiness and tantrums viewed as being standard in society. Bar girls deem it fine to be in the company and have an active network of male friends, yet display aggressive behavior when the situation is reversed and men are entertained by other Thai girls.

The truth about bar girls in Pattaya is that hypocrisy is fueled by a range of insecurities which are challenged on a daily basis. There are standards which bar girls impose on others which they simply don’t adhere to themselves.

Many hardened bar girls stop appreciating foreign men over time and their only motivation to remain in the bar industry is to make ends meet by turning quick cash. Comments are regularly exchanged that include, farang not take care or farang stingy and this talk is passed down through bar girls generations.

Exaggerated short and long time costs are bragged about to increase one’s status in the bar that just inflates prices over time as Thai girls feel they are worth an equal amount.

This is a shock to customers as with no real pricing mechanism, except for the supply and demand market, as to how these quotes are valued.

The truth bar girls don’t want you to know

The truth about bar girls is that it’s part of their nature and day to day activity to lie about everything. For many men visiting Thailand they don’t care if bar girls are telling the truth or not, they are just there to have a good time.

These are often things like the girls age, how long she’s been working in the beer bar, whether she is single or how many boyfriends she does or doesn’t have and the list goes on.

Men who find themselves bothered by these bar girl lies are best to nod their heads and say yes, its ok and move on to find another Thai girl. However, it’s hard to escape when all bar girls seem to tell similar stories.

It’s a good practice to keep away from bar girls who associate with ladyboys or have friends working under the coconut trees on Pattaya Beach road.

Plenty of these people are drug users, involved in petty crime and have been profiled by the Pattaya police. At times, there is not much else to do outside Pattaya beer bars except to indulge in alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Bar girls don’t want to accept the truth that they are working and surrounded by prostitutes all times of the day and find themselves in states of denial by saying they just started work bar, in this one at least and I not go with man before.

The lewd sex trade that draws men from all around the world enables these girls to experience uncapped wealth especially when crafty plans are executed that trick men into long distance relationships over and again.

The ugly truth about Pattaya bar girls

Whilst foreign men visiting Pattaya might be totally stoked with having a half nude small dark skinned bar girl under their arm, the bulk of bar girls are viewed ugly and damaged goods by Asian men who wouldn’t poke one with a 10 foot pole.

Social anxiety and loss of face are also major concerns by people in this part of the world, yet bar girls are proud to post sexy pictures of themselves in underwear and working in brothels to social media sites in full view of their family members and friends.

The truth is that for the most part of the day, Pattaya bar girls sit around picking at street cart food, gossiping to friends with no other ambition or inspiration to better themselves.

Many of these bar girls are happy or at least believe they are, however they are driven to sell their bodies to fund lavish purchases of iPhones, makeup, designer bags and the latest material possessions to compete for status amongst their peers suggesting they may not be satisfied with themselves.

The truth is that such a scenario took place tomorrow whereby the bar industry came to a close, then all the Thai bar girls, hospitality staff, gogo bars and nightclubs would shut down resulting in loss of jobs.

These girls possess no other skills and would have no other source of income to stay in Pattaya to support their families.

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