The girlfriend experience in Thailand is one that involves spending time with a friendly Thai girl and doing a range of activities that is not solely focused on turning tricks in the bedroom. It involves finding a friendly Thai girl who is relaxed around you and acts similar to someone you may have already been dating. Some men find this comforting to have themselves taken care of over an extended period of time than bar hopping looking for girls.

To compare with most bar girls, they tend to be watching the clock and thinking about the next customer or distracted by what is happening on their phones.

The more hardened Thai girls in the bar industry are crafty liars who tend to leave half way through the night and this fails to meet the expectations of the girlfriend experience in Thailand.

Most of the options men face when it comes to spending time with Thai girls are to get a short time such as Soi 6 Pattaya or long time a girl from a beer bar to take her out for an agreed period of time.

The girlfriend experience in Thailand seems more natural and doesn’t necessarily impose time base boundaries. Men are likely to be included in hanging out with these Thai girl’s friends and gain an inside perspective on their day to day lives.

Thai girls for a girlfriend experience

The girlfriend experience can seem surreal to many men who visit Thailand. First thing there are so many available Thai women who are interested to meet foreigners and secondly the whole process of being together can progress quickly.

For this reason, the best Thai girl is going to be the one you don’t fall in love with as to avoid emotional imbalance when you need to leave the country.

Far more Thai girls are less desirable to fulfill the girlfriend experience because they have their heart set on how much money they can exploit and may spend more time juggling other customers than enjoying with you.

Some examples include hurrying you to do things, texting and talking on the phone, leaving to go places and asking for more money.

If this is the case, then it is quite fair to settle any agreed amount of money with the Thai girl and send her on her way. Prolonging time spent with bitchy Thai girls can sour your mood and it is smart to go out and restart the process of finding a girl with more quality attributes.

Pattaya girls (GFE) girlfriend experience

Pattaya is probably the best place in Thailand to get the full girlfriend experience (GFE). There is never a shortage of opportunistic Thai girls who cycle through Pattaya on an ongoing basis to meet foreign men.

They tend to accept jobs working as hosts in beer bars, gogo bars, massage shops and freelance in Walking Street entertainment venues such as iBar and Insomnia disco.

The preferred location to meet Thai girls is at any of the Pattaya beers bars around Beach Road, Second Road and Soi Buakhao in Pattaya and Jomtien nearby Soi 7 and in Soi Rompho.

There shouldn’t be any high expectation when walking around the beer bars looking for girls and it may take some time to find a Thai girl and decide to spend time with.

The daily bar fine cost and estimated professional fees should be considered before getting your hopes up and striking a deal to spend time with the girl of your choosing.

Beer bar fines generally cost 350 Baht per day, short time bars and gogos can cost 600-1,000 and the personal fee for the girl’s time can range anywhere from free to 2,000 Baht per day.

It is probably reasonable to aim for 1,350 Baht per day plus food, gifts and travelling together. It’s also worth pointing out that there is only a slim chance of ever getting a refund in Thailand so any prepaid amounts should be deemed spent.

The alternative is that some girls may have an abundance of free time as they are not employed in Pattaya. The dilemma to continue relationships with Thai girls involves money to the extent of the time and the legitimacy of feelings can erode by the fact it was all purchased with money.

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