When it comes to your Thai girlfriend cheating on you then the real question is how many people does it actually involve. You may not be the only 1 and at times can be selfish to think that I was here first and she’s mine, much like a piece of meat. Sometimes that may be the case considering the number of men going to Thailand to fulfil certain desires and many other short time relationships that last a few days at a time.

It is not uncommon for men to learn that their girlfriends have been with 1,000 men before you and especially when they are Thai bar girls. You may rank towards the bottom of the list unless your Thai girlfriend has been cheating on you again and again.

On the other hand, those lovers who might be sending money to the same Thai girlfriend expect to maintain the relationship that you are now in.

It is almost certain that the type of Thai bar girls you are likely to meet in Pattaya lost their virginity rolling around in the hay in Isaan and even popped out a few kids by a young age.

After this point, Thai girls wind up working as prostitutes in places like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket as the majority of interest they receive is from many tourists that can easily be lied to on a regular basis.

Men who are looking for honest relationships find that their cheating Thai girlfriends are sleeping with other men, which to no amazement is fair game in the Thailand bar industry.

Signs your Thai girlfriend is cheating

There are some telltale signs that raise suspicion of when your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you. Many of these are standard and easy to spot and then there are some bar girls with sophisticated schemes to manipulate dopey farang men that nothing sinister is going on.

Smart phone apps such as Line, Thai dating sites and social media has made it far easier for Thai girls to communicate with far more men compared to the days where you had to actually go and visit beer bars.

It is also easy to conclude your Thai girlfriend is cheating when she has active dating profiles, doesn’t answer her phone, reply to messages and poses sexy photos of herself on Facebook with dozens of horny men posting comments to show interest.

Thai girls posting series of photos in dozens of different hotel rooms only exacerbates the truth that they are not staying there alone.

Thai girls also tend to disappear for days and sometimes weeks without any of her friends knowing where she is, or so they say. Your Thai girlfriend for example might hang out at Pattaya discos each night including iBar and insomnia where hundreds of single men are looking for girls.

Is it quite easy to spend time entertaining a new man, perhaps in his hotel room and earning some cash or some new toys such as jewelry, phones and other toys in the process.

Your cheating Thai girlfriend might end up house sitting condos that cost up to 20,000 Baht per month which is just to help a friend. The number of Thai girls lies goes on and on and in the end it’s just best not to ask because you are not likely to get a straight answer anyway.

Break up with a cheating Thai girlfriend

There is an ideal time that is best to break up with a cheating Thai girlfriend and this is usually best taken care of before any argument stems from your suspicions. Even when you have rock solid proof of catching your Thai girlfriend in the act with another man then this won’t play out in your favor.

The loss of face alone for exposing your cheating Thai girlfriend almost always backfires on you and Thai girls fly into rage in order to save face which makes no sense in the western world.

Even if you ask your Thai girlfriend to be straight with you and tell the truth, then she will admit it or lie, so in that case the answer is always yes. Most men need only ask themselves how long they are willing to tolerate their Thai girlfriends cheating with others before just walking away from it.

The best break up is one that is fair and quick. It is probably best not to mention the real reason about the cheating, but just cut ties and move on. It is a delicate process.

There doesn’t appear to be any negative stories either about men having too much choice when it comes to picking up Thai girls in Pattaya. For the most part, men have the choice of picking up Thai girls at different times of the day from Soi 6, gogo bars, discos and even hookers waiting around for customers on Beach Road.

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