Finding a Thai girl travel companion may be the answer for men who prefer to experience more of Thailand than spending all their time in and around beer bars. The fact is that once you have seen a beer bar in Pattaya then you have just about seen them all in terms of what goes on. Often men make the same trip to Pattaya time and again without ever seeing the country side or stepping foot on an island.

Thai girl travel companions help motivate men to travel from typical tourist zones to parts of Thailand they might never see on their own. Tourists and solo travelers generally play it safe by staying close to Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Chiang Mai because that’s where everyone else goes.

There is a whole other world outside of these western catered areas that can been seen better with someone who has been there before, but not necessarily a professional tour guide.

Most Thai girls live simple lives, yet don’t have much money saved to take holidays from work and travel. On the other hand, Thailand is a cheap place to travel with a large network of public transport running all hours of the day.

Men who are seeking a Thai girl travel companions simply need to find an interested bar girl in Pattaya, make a deal with a girl online or ask their temporary Thai girlfriend (GFE).

Finding a Thai girl travel companion

The most direct way to find a Thai girl travel companion is on one of the many Thai dating sites or more specifically Mizz Thai. This gives men the opportunity to discuss the dates, travel location ideas and agree on costs before coming to Thailand.

Most of the experience could be planned before arriving in Thailand and this would reduce time looking for girls later on.

Scouting Pattaya beer bars is another option and yields a much greater number of available Thai girls, however it can involve a different schedule of costs such as bar fines and standard bar girl fees per day of companionship that mostly entails sex.

There are heaps of poor Isaan working girls in Pattaya, however the gamble is finding one that you will have a good time with.

Bar girls will more than likely be constantly checking their phone, thinking about how much money you should be giving them and may get bored quickly. Most of all may not have a clue about travel outside their home village, leaving you to do all the work.

If this is the case then you can send her back on the bus and go look for some local talent depending on where you went.

Cost to travel Thailand with bar girls

The financial costs of traveling Thailand with bar girls can be calculated with a good level of accuracy as each day will accumulate the bar fine payment to the bar and professional payment fee to the bar girl.

As a rule of thumb these amounts are 350 and 1,000 Baht multiplied by the number of days away from work. Other major costs include travel tickets, hotel accommodation, admission costs and food.

Traveling with girls met on Thai Friendly, Thai Cupid or Mizz Thai probably won’t incur any bar fines and the professional fee could range anywhere from free to thousands of Baht per day.

It’s good to understand that even Thai girls who are not motivated by money still need to fund their own daily living expenses so can be better to travel alone and meet women at each place if paying girls is not an option for you.

The last and most important aspect are the non financial costs of a successful holiday in Thailand. When choosing a Thai girl travel companion, you don’t know how it’s all going to work out upfront and need to accept some risk that the 2 of you may not be a match.

Time spent together needs to be mutually enjoyable and if things aren’t going to plan then it isn’t simple to just wander down to the local beer bars and pick up a fresh girl without causing a pile of drama like on those bitchy Thai TV shows.

Where possible try to spend a couple of days together first before making travel plans because this way it’s easier to pull the pin and find another Thai girl.

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