Men with all their wisdom and life experience still fall for the same Thai girl lies and scams that are retold over and again. With little to no change over the decades, these lies are still effective to trick and part men from their money. Ridicule is often exchanged in place of pity for the countless stories posted online by men who were tricked by scamming Thai girl’s half their age.

The bulk of Thai girls meet traveling men at beer bars in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket where the scams begin. Men who may be traveling to Thailand to meet girls or any other reason might find themselves grabbing a cold drink in a beer bar.

It doesn’t take long after that to strike up some small talk with a Thai bar girl which quickly leads to something extra. Poor mom and dad farmers in Isaan send their daughters on a daily basis to go and work in beer bars with the idea of gaining that money.

Under pressure to work in the prostitution industry and send as much money back home, Thai girls quickly learn the tradecraft of telling lies to trick farang men into handing over extra money. Thai girls continue to lie and scam men well despite their limited education and other skills.

Top lies Thai girls are telling you

The list of Thai girl lies is extensive and really comes down to creativity in the moment. Here are a few common lies.

1. Unanswered calls, messages or phone switched off due to being in the company of other men. The excuses are phone was on silent, poor signal and flat battery. Most Thai girls have online dating profiles, are always playing on their phones, have chargers and power banks with them.

2. Unavailable and her Thai friends from the beer bar don’t know where she is. She is on a short or long time with a customer and the excuse is that he is just my friend, I stay with him but we no boom boom.

3. I don’t like Thai man, Thai man no good, farang man good heart etc. Covering story that she likes getting paid money for the time spent entertaining foreign men.

4. Some Thai girls agree to go long time with a customer and they have to leave in the middle of the night or go somewhere unexpectedly. She may be trying to get out of a deal that you struck to be with her overnight to go and see another customer, visit her friends or just go home.

5. I love you. This one is dangerous for foreign men who are insecure with their relationships. These men may be divorced, lonely or vulnerable and these words are used to manipulate ongoing relationships that extend to asking for money.

6. Pity story about family tragedies, dead relatives, house needs repairs etc. This is just greed and an example is to check if the Thai girl has the latest iPhone, makeup and hanging out all night at iBar and insomnia then she is probably scamming for extra money.

The sick buffalo scam doesn’t get used much nowadays because it’s old and far-fetched due to advancements in machinery. Hike is farming diesel expenses is more believable and this is definitely a scam that needs to be updated in the future.

Lying Thai girls get heaps more money

Lying Thai girls undertake risks each time they construct lies to scam and trick men. This can result in a one-time windfall or recurring payments if an ongoing relationship is formed.

Bar girls have managed to juggle several men at one time who sponsoring their Thai girlfriend and believe to be the only one doing it. An honest Thai girl would simply miss out on these additional cash streams.

A Thai girl may also say she is 18 and first time in the bar, which sounds more appealing than a 25-year-old veteran who has been with thousands of men. And out of generosity, naive men are likely to give higher sums of money out of pity to lying Thai girls who make out to be experiencing hardship.

Men who have aware of these lies and experienced it firsthand see straight to it and some Thai girls just speak the truth. However, for the unsuspecting first time tourist to Thailand, they are surely going to fall for the lies and end up as another example.

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