There are piles of short time massage shops in Pattaya to get alone time with some lovely Thai girls or ladyboys. They operate similar to Pattaya Soi 6 beer bars, act as fronts for prostitution and nourish tourism in Thailand. A mix of Thai girls and ladyboys await passing customers outside massage shops with the plot to upsell additional services once inside.

Short time massage shops in Pattaya have private bedrooms or booths within the buildings. However, most of the time a curtain is used as a partition between a row of foam mattresses providing limited privacy.

Massage girls use the facilities to entice foreign men to get oil massages and then upsell other services in addition to regular massage prices.

Mostly young Thai women who possess limited technical skills travel from all parts of Thailand and even neighboring countries to live and work in Pattaya.

They tend to accept jobs servicing foreigners in Pattaya and for this reason men stray around the city looking for attractive Asian girls working at various massage shops.

Sexy massage parlor happy endings

The core strategy used by short time massage shops in Pattaya is to upsell a 200-300 Baht oil massage into a 1,000 Baht happy ending. The regular massage cost is paid to the business and anything extra is kept by Thai girls to supplement their low salaries.

The potential earnings per hour can be amplified tenfold by upselling hand relief, oral and full sex extras opposed to massage alone.

Ladyboys in Pattaya employ the use of short time massage shops and compete with Thai girls for mostly heterosexual men. Ladyboys focus on providing these extra services primarily without any massage at all and many who are positioned around Soi Buakhao have all in short time prices below 500 Baht.

Ultimately customers primary focus of using short time massage parlors is a substitute method to meet available Thai girls which forms part of the Thailand prostitution matrix.

The process starts with men walking up and down Pattaya Sois looking for cute Thai girls such as Soi Chaiyapoon and Soi Honey that are both connected to Soi Buakhao.

Some of these short time massage shops have downgraded with age, provide little or no Thai/oil/foot massage services and survive solely functioning as walk in brothels.

They employ as many workers of different ages, characteristics and genders and are available most hours of the day.

Thai girls in sexy massage parlors

Experienced and hardened hookers are somewhat aggressive in grabbing customers who may be innocently passing by. On the other hand, novice Thai girls who lack confidence to proposition male and female customers are often overpowered by pushy staff and miss out on potential business.

Happy ending prices at short time massage shops are constant in Pattaya and seasoned tourists filter the belligerent pigs and ladyboys to locate quality Thai girls.

Rookie men going to Thailand typically make travel plans to visit popular attractions in Bangkok including Khao San Road, Nana Plaza Complex, Patpong, Soi Cowboy and in Phuket including Bangla Road, Patong Beach.

Crafty older Thai women manipulate and latch onto these first timers, fend off cute Thai girls and deprive them of quality.

Older female pimps in Pattaya known as mamasans are continually under pressure to replenish Thai massage girls to meet the needs of horny foreign and local men.

Unskilled young Thai girls are recruited to short time massage shops in Pattaya to work as prostitutes and meet the market demand. Their massage abilities are of little importance however they are dressed in attractive clothing to get men’s attention and spark interest.

Professional Thai massage staff tend to work in reputable hotels and resorts, but the prices are more expensive and the likelihood of getting short time is very low.

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