Millions of single men find themselves having sex with a Thai bar girl in Pattaya each year. At first, they are attracted to Thailand by the picturesque beaches, temples and warm weather, but soon after spend most of the time drinking cold beer and looking for entertainment. The high number of prostitutes in Pattaya makes it all too convenient for men to indulge in a bit of fun.

Having sex with a Thai bar girl stems from meeting in one of the many Pattaya beer bars and going for some short or long time fun. The first session is paid for as agreed, but after that you can almost always get their Line ID to message and meet up with them for free.

Minor costs are still involved for beer, food and other small items however it is much cheaper than paying bar fine plus 1,000 Baht for every short time.

Getting freebies from multiple Thai bar girls is possible by replicating this method between beer bars and it is quite standard for both girls and foreigners to have multiple partners at any 1 time.

The steps involve going into a beer bar complex and choosing one with some pretty Thai girls. Keep walking or leave if no good-looking girls are available and try a different beer bar location or one of the many gogo bars in Pattaya.

Simply order a beer and wait for a girl to come over and make some small talk. This is along the lines of hi, how are you, where you come from etc. Thai bar girls usually ask you to buy me 1 drink around this time and after that it’s ideal to talk about going short time or finding a different bar.

Having sex with Thai bar girls in Pattaya

The costs involved for having sex with a Thai bar girl in Pattaya adds up like this. 2 drinks for you 200 Baht, 2 lady drinks of alcohol, juice or soda 320 Baht, bar fine 350 Baht, short time room 250 Baht and short time 1,000 Baht. The total expense can expect to be over 2,000 Baht or $60 USD.

Thai bar girls are quick to ask for lady drinks because they earn a percentage of the price as commission and usually don’t stop at just the one drink.

It’s easy to identify moochers by the pace that girls consume their lady drinks and make sure it’s loaded up with booze, otherwise bail out.

Prices are fairly standard and with an abundance of Thai bar girls in Pattaya the decision generally boils down to whether it’s going to be short or long time.

Short time gets you 1 shot and up to an hour of fun for around 800 to 1,000 Baht. Long time can buy multiple shots over the course of the evening and sometimes into the next morning with a price tag of 1,000 to 1,500 Baht.

Silly prices are not uncommon and in those situations, it is just easier to move on and find another Thai bar girl than it is to haggle for what could be a less than enjoyable evening.

If the time was pleasing then this is the prime opportunity to get her Line contact or phone number because it cuts out the steps involved to revisit bars, buying overpriced lady drinks, paying bar fines and sometimes the short/long time fee to the girl.

Casual sex with a Thai bar girl in Pattaya

Over time these costs of living are hefty and especially why many men decide that casual sex with a Thai bar girl can be a more affordable route. These girls are called giks whereas they stop asking for money, but sometimes expect other gifts like dinners and small rewards over time.

You see plenty of men in relationships with Thai bar girls, usually strolling around Pattaya beach holding hands, fostering Thai children and chartering other family members.

It looks quite bizarre from the outset that these foreigners are stuck with Thai bar girls who simply have no value in the eyes of Thai men.

The financial burden imposed on foreign men is an ongoing concern and is often best just paying for Thai bar girls as required or maintaining several non serious girlfriends or ladyboy giks that can be summoned and paid for as needed.

Beer and karaoke bars outside of Pattaya are mostly used by Asian men and the Thai girls working there struggle with English.

Compared to Pattaya, men can easily stroll up and take a seat at any Pattaya beer bar, gogo bar, night club and with 2,000 Baht in hand have a nice selection of available Thai girls.

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  1. Adam February 28, 2018 at 6:40 am

    Ibar Pattaya they don’t even charge if they like you but now she’s my wife. Happy Times!


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