The Pattaya nightlife is a real eye opener for many tourists who are not used to venues competing for their business and the events that take place within. It is often difficult to walk down certain Sois at times of the day without being groped by Thai girls or ladyboys and dragged into a bar. Once inside the activities are orientated towards drinking alcohol, having sex and there is rarely a dull moment.

The Pattaya nightlife has lots of delights on offer and is largely regarded as the world’s sex capital. Single men, women and couples go to Pattaya from all parts of the world to enjoy the sleazy entertainment and engage with an assortment of prostitutes working in Thailand’s bar industry.

The Pattaya nightlife is highly stimulating and it is quite easy for anyone to become addicted. At any one time, there are dozens of Thai girls working at beer bars, gogo bars, massage shops or just standing in the street proposition passing men. There are also a large number of gay Thai boys, fetish clubs and other weird shit that sometimes goes unnoticed.

Pattaya nightlife Disneyland for adults

Every place you turn in Pattaya there is something to do and the amount of attention received from Thai girls is outstanding. The excitement of Pattaya nightlife is comparable to the context of Disneyland for adults or a playground for men.

The comparison is absurd where men and women in western countries go to lengths of effort and prepare for a night out just queue up and be turned away by doormen.

Only in Pattaya can you turn up and be welcomed into gogo bars and popular Walking Street discos wearing a pair of shorts and beach sandals.

Thai girls don’t tend to cause much fuss whether they are to entertain a handsome young guy or a chubby old man and therefore it doesn’t make a huge difference whether you are 18 or 60 years old. Bar fine and short time costs for sex with Thai bar girls is pretty much going to be the same price in both cases.

It is easy for foreign men to become addicted to the Pattaya nightlife after they have had a taste of it. Stories of men becoming divorced in the home country only to sell their assets and relocate to the cheap lifestyle of Pattaya is pretty standard.

A raft of other events usually follow this such as getting a Thai girlfriend, learning the truth about bar girls in Pattaya and then facing the dilemma if it was the right thing to do.

Nightlife in Pattaya naughty things to do

There is never a shortage of naughty things to do in Pattaya and most of the time it’s just a matter of choice and money. Drinking at and bar fining Thai girls from beer bars in Pattaya is quite customary for an ordinary night out. The themes of Soi 6 and Soi 7 is somewhat obvious and this si an excellent choice for anyone looking for short time.

There are many more bars around Pattaya that don’t appear much from the street view, but have more sinister acts being performed inside.

These include whips and chains at The Castle next to the Buffalo Bar on 3rd Road, Guys getting bjs in Walking Street gogos Sweethearts and the Windmill and banging ladyboys behind the bars in Soi 6/1.

The nightlife in Pattaya all becomes normal after enough exposure and things aren’t such a big hype anymore. One of the downsides is that some people feel desensitized by all the lewd behavior in Pattaya and simply have no interest in visiting bars back home which now appear tame in comparison.

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