Nightclubs in Pattaya provide some of the best action when it comes to partying into the early hours of the morning. There are a few different options around the city, however the majority of nightclubs are in Walking Street. They are convenient to travel between to find one that suits individual tastes and are mixed within many beer bars, gogo bars, ladyboy bars and freelancers up and down the street.

The nightclubs in Walking Street are prime tourist magnets that attract Arabs, Russians, Westerners and Thais to party all nights of the week. Every night of the week is pumping and it doesn’t yield a whole lot of difference whether you go out on a Monday or a Friday night.

Saturday is occasionally busier in high season as more people residing in Bangkok travel down to party for the weekend, but this just means there are more Thai girls out on the prowl for foreigners.

The nightclubs in Pattaya are very different from those in other countries as you can rock up in a pair of beach shorts and a singlet and have no trouble getting in.

Of course, it makes sense to look half good if you are out to pick up Thai girls, but most men have no trouble gaining attention especially when they find themselves surrounded by hungry bar girls looking to earn a dime.

This probably the best aspects of going out to nightclubs in Pattaya is the amount of Thai girls who are willing to come and dance with you, mix you a drink if they have a bottle of whisky and go home with you.

All said and done sex is not always free in Thailand and even if most of the Thai girls don’t explicitly look like prostitutes they are certainly going to ask you for some cash in the morning.

Meet Thai girls at nightclubs in Pattaya

Most if not all of the nightclubs in Pattaya are ideal choices to meet Thai girls. It’s really quite simple just to buy a beer and walk around the club or even better just to pull up at a table near a bunch of girls and say hi.

iBar and Insomnia is hands down the best nightclub in Walking Street Pattaya to Thai bar girls and their friends. Hundreds of bar girls, gogo girls and other hookers in Pattaya pour in from 2AM onwards with the purpose of getting drunk and looking for foreigner men.

These are the same girls that can cost thousands of Baht to bar fine earlier in the night and are now accessible on their own time for a fraction of the cost and even free is there is a bit of mutual attraction and charm.

808 Club, Flexx Club, Lucifer Disco and MiXX Discotheque are also superb nightclubs to meet Thai girls playing hip hop RNB and dance music. At times the only differentiation of changing clubs is to avoid seeing the same group of people every night, however they do present different atmospheres and draw in different types of customers.

Marine Disco, The Pier and Tony Disco are also pretty good, but at times can be hit or miss. Sometimes they have some hot Thai girls and other times the nightclubs can be a bit empty at the wrong time of night.

One of the big differences with Marine Disco is they have always allowed ladyboys in which upset the balance of Thai girls compared to iBar and Insomnia that doesn’t admit ladyboys and Thai men is few to none.

Lastly you may have noticed the monster truck driving along Pattaya Beach and 2nd Road blaring loud music and promoting the Hollywood Disco located between Big C North Pattaya and 3rd Road.

This disco along with Differ Pub attracts more Thai customers who may not venture to Walking Street and can be out of the way for people who want everything in one place.

Freelancer girls in Pattaya nightclubs

Pattaya nightclubs especially those in Walking Street are heavily orientated towards foreigners and for this reason Thai girls gravitate there as soon as their shifts at beer bars have finished.

Many other Thai girls who work in occupations outside the prostitution industry also go to Walking Street discos late at night for the same excuse to meet foreign men.

They usually state they are there to visit friends, but state they don’t work or have a regular job. This is commonly a dead giveaway they are looking to hook up in exchange for cash or they already have a foreign sponsor and are there for fun due to boredom sitting around.

Freelancer girls are easy to spot in Pattaya nightclubs as they generally wear sexy outfits and display extravagant tattoos over various body parts.

Everyone there is out for a good time and the Thai girls really credit the whole nightclub scene as without them men wouldn’t have a good reason for staying around drinking until the sun comes up at 6 AM in the morning.

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