Many people have a hard time to spot the difference between the large selection of ladyboys and Thai girls in Thailand. It can be hard to know for certain due to the degree of effort ladyboys go to look the same as Thai girls and some men simply accept appearances at face value. Thousands of naive men are fooled into paying bar fines and end up in short time rooms with ladyboys, whilst others are thrilled about the idea of liaising with men in wigs.

Loud music, red lights and effects of alcohol frequently retard men’s ability to spot the differences of ladyboys from Thai girls. Over the years, more and more ladyboys infiltrated Pattaya beer bars in Soi 6 & Soi 7 and they can appear more appealing than Thai girls to the naked eye.

Here are some indicators to help spot the differences and prevent ending up in embarrassing situations with ladyboys.

Ladyboys and Thai girls spot the difference

From a distance, ladyboys are taller than the average 160cm height of Thai girls, their hips and bums are slimmer and their shoulders branch out wider making them standout more in open spaces.

Up close is where the detail counts and the level of disguise here is what causes doubt when it comes to spotting ladyboys in Pattaya. Ladyboys facial structures are squarer including the chin, jawbone, nose and excessive makeup is not enough to mask these features.

The Adam’s apple size, feet and hands are larger than Thai girls, but the giveaway is always the deep husky voice as this is very hard to imitate. Finally, ladyboys breasts are always large and round or simply flat chested with nothing there at all.

It is probably the behavior of ladyboys that sets them apart from Thai girls and makes them easy to spot. Ladyboys are constantly looking in pocket mirrors to inspect their makeup, fidgeting with their hair and just stand out wearing overly tight clothing.

They tend to produce a swishy walk, swing their hips and prey for men in packs of 3-4 compared to Thai girls who display more self-control.

The larger ladyboy frame and flamboyant behavior is enough to intimidate many men who aren’t familiar with these aggressive situations.

Real Thai girl or post-op ladyboy confusion

If the physical appearance and behavior alone is not enough to help spot ladyboys in Thailand from Thai girls, then surgical processes will confuse a lot more people. Many Thai ladyboys opt for botox, breast augmentation and butt implants.

The list of additional surgeries continues and is not limited to facial feminization, Adam’s apple, voice box, nose, chine and jaw surgery.

A 6 hour male to female gender reassignment surgery that involves penile skin inversion to create a functioning fake pussy. There are ladyboys in Soi 6 Pattaya who regularly flash their crotches to potential customers that causes much confusion as they were expecting to see something different down there.

This sight questions all of the other indicators to whether this person is in fact a ladyboy or Thai girl with manly features.

Overall it can be a difficult task to spot ladyboys in Pattaya and the rest of Thailand. Many men who went short time with ladyboys may never know the truth and simply accept their understanding of being with Thai girls instead.

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