Happy ending massage is a service available at just about all massage shops in Pattaya. It is an erotic experience offered towards the end of an oil massage and incurs a separate negotiated fee. Happy ending massage prices vary amongst different parlors in Pattaya and the Thai massage girls who give the services in Pattaya, Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand.

There are different types of massages available at parlors in Pattaya. The 3 main types are; foot massage, Thai massage and oil massage.

Foot massage has the lowest possibility of concluding with a happy ending because it is typically performed in public view within Pattaya massage shops. Foot massage is given on the feet, lower legs and clothes are not removed except for long pants that are rolled up.

Thai massage is applied to the whole body head to toe that starts on the legs and works up to the head and shoulders. Clothes aren’t removed during the massage except for times when your shirt may be pulled up to apply heat rub. Thai massage is done on a row of mattresses with curtains closed or open for all to see.

Oil Massage is different from foot and Thai massage as it involves rubbing oil all over your skin. All clothes are removed laying completely nude on a foam mat, usually in a small booth. Curtains are closed for privacy, but often suspicious noises can be heard from the guy next to you.

Whilst oil massages are relaxing, there is no towel to cover yourself and your tackle is fully exposed for Thai massage girls to stare at. Oil is the most appropriate type of massage to get a happy ending and very little talk is needed to convince Thai girls to give one.

Only on rare occasions it may not be forthcoming, however following these easy steps below can improve the chances of success during the next massage.

Getting a happy ending massage in Pattaya

1. Be relaxed and in a good mood before you head out to get an oil massage
2. Approach Thai girls working at various massage parlors and pick one you like.
3. Ask the price for the oil massage before you go into the massage shop.

Sometimes it’s best not to mention the happy ending massage or discuss prices until later during the oil massage. Thai massage girls may be shy to talk about it with their friends listening, inflated prices may be quoted and it can affect the overall quality of the massage.

4. Go into the massage room, get naked and lie face down on the bed.

Note that massage beds are slim foam mattresses with a sheet on it in a small cubicle partition and a curtain. Few massage shops have individual bedrooms with full size beds and these are noticeably brothels disguised within Thai massage parlors.

5. Oil massage commences on the back and back of legs.

Small talk is expected during the start of the oil massage with questions such as what is your name, how old are you and where you come from.

6. You will be asked to turn over (face up) after about 30 minutes of massage to the legs and back.
7. Oil massage continues on the front of the legs, chest and thighs. At this time, it’s fine to work up a chub and look interested in what’s to follow.

Around this stage, Thai massage girls should ask if you would like a happy ending massage. Some touching and rubbing may occur at this time if not already aroused and this is the time to agree on the price and service.

Up to 3 options may be offered and the price should be agreed on before it starts. If the price is too expensive then you can simply complete the oil massage and just pay the 200-300 baht price to the cashier. The downside is that both customers and massage girls lose an hour of time and are displeased.

Customer remain horny and may have to invest a whole other hour and oil massage process at a different parlor. Thai massage girls then tell all their friends you are stingy and offered small money in order to save face and preserve social status.

Using an alias is a strategy rather than giving actual details. Simply make up a fake name, age and country to use at massage parlors. Negotiating the payment for a happy ending is a 2 way risk and therefore Thai massage girls should not be overly stubborn or customers too cheap when agreeing on the price.

1. Thai massage girls ask for too much money, no happy ending massage is given and the customer leaves only paying the 200-300 Baht oil massage price.
2. The customers counter offer is too low, it offends the massage girls pride and she provides no special relief.

Some oil massage shops have great value, use most of the hour for oil massage and proceed to the happy ending with smooth fashion. Other massage girls only give a bit of an oil splash and then try to upsell to something better after 15 to 20 minutes. This practice is common in Soi Honey which is plagued with low quality bar girls and aggressive ladyboys.

Short massages are far less relaxing and operate as brothels instead of reasonable massage parlors. The quality is low, Thai massage girls have negative attitudes and the extra costs are overly expensive.

These brothel fronts are best avoided as they don’t represent good value for money, the ending massage prices are absurd and designed to profit from newbie tourists.

How much does a happy ending massage cost

In addition to the 200-300 Baht oil massage price, the happy ending massage should cost:

Hand job 300 Baht.
Oral sex 500 Baht.
Full sex 700 to 1,000 Baht.

Thai massage girls may be irritated up front that you know the exact prices and attempt to haggle in order to increase the price, however the price will come down. Opening quotes are a nice round 1,000 Baht number which might exclude the oil massage cost.

Knowledge is key before shooting prices back and forth. Ultimately the same quality of service is given whether 300 or 1,000 Baht is agreed, so better in your pocket.

There are Thai massage parlors all over Pattaya and the 4 locations below are good places to check out:

Soi Honey 12.930141, 100.885277
Soi Chaiyapoon 12.928525, 100.886135
Soi 6 Jomtien Beach 12.896329, 100.869851
Soi Buakhao 12.926600, 100.882628 (between Soi Lenkee and South Pattaya Road)

There is an effective method to reduce happy ending massage prices in Pattaya.

1. Tell what service you want but never make the first offer.
2. Stick to your price, casually say no and be prepared to walk away.
3. Don’t increase your price at the last minute because it will lose integrity.
4. Ladyboys cost about half the price as Thai girls if your low on cash.

You have zero negotiation power when a happy ending massage must be had regardless of price. Body massage is an alternate option in this situation because they have a fixed price of around 1,800 Baht inclusive of short time with a cute Thai girl of your choice.

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