There are some great gogo bars in Pattaya that have a range of hot Thai girls in bikinis, nude or semi nude dancers and a few displaying hardcore action including banana shows etc. Each gogo operates with 3-4 groups of Thai girls that are categorized into groups including coyote dancers that are usually the most attractive, then the A group, B group etc. Each line up of girls performs a rotation which mostly involves standing around with little dancing until the next group is called.

Many of the gogo bars in Pattaya employ Thai girls with little or no talent other than to bop around on stage and look cute. There are usually a few other gogo girls mixed in who aren’t afraid to dance their bodies around and get the crowd worked up.

These gogo girls are typically more confident and experienced girls displaying tattoos and other accessories to differentiate themselves from the regular A/B group lineups.

Most of the younger looking gogo girls with white skin and without tattoos can be found in Walking Street Soi Diamond that caters to the tastes of Asian men from Japan and South Korea.

Slightly older yet more experienced gogo girls are found dancing a short distance away in LK Metro located between Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana. Thai girls in these Pattaya gogo bars satisfy the desires of western men that enjoy a broader range of gogo girl types, not just the skinny white pasty ones.

Pattaya also has some gogo bars that have been established for a very long time that include the Tahitian Queen and World Wide a gogo on Beach Road. Whilst there are the odd gogo bars located here and there around Pattaya, most of the action takes place in LK Metro or Walking Street.

Dancing Thai girls in Pattaya gogo bars

When you walk into a Pattaya gogo bar there are several options as where to sit. These include on the back row which is good to drink and watch for limited interaction, at a bar stool right below the stage to get closer to the action or at a bench that may have 2 or 3 gogo girls on there touching each other.

All these seating positions have different benefits, however the best seat in the house for maximum interaction with gogo girls is usually at the head of the table where you get a clean view down the whole stage.

Popular gogo bars in LK Metro include Champagne, Crystal Club, Paradise, Queen Club, The Office and also Oasis on Soi Buakhao. There are also many other gogo bars in LK Metro that are worth visiting to see hot gogo girls at different times.

The Devil’s Den brothel and dozens of massage parlors are located across the road in Soi Chaiyapoon where you can get a happy ending massage if all the stimulation in the gogo gets too much.

Walking Street has a larger selection of gogo bars and far more girls overall. Some popular gogo bars in Walking Street include Happy, Sapphire, Sensations Sugar Baby and Wildcats. The costs for beer, lady drinks and bar fines are more expensive than LK Metro, but there are more girls and gogo bars to choose from.

Pattaya gogo bars with hardcore action

There are a few gogo bars in Walking Street that offer a bit more than simply sitting down with a cold beer and looking at gogo girls.

If hardcore action is what you are after then the Windmill gogo in Walking Street and Babydolls in Soi 15 have plenty of naked girls dancing on stage and quiet a few who get on the play tables with a bunch of bananas, dildos, ice cubes and other toys.

It is quite normal to see men playing with the girls and even a few more ambitious customers who have a girls cracker in their faces or might be receiving a BJ right there on the seat.

In the past this was more common to see in Pattaya such as the X-Zone gogo in Walking Street Soi 16. These days this sort of action takes place in fewer locations, however can be just as good with the right mix of girls and alcohol.

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