The practice of taking a leisurely stroll, stopping for a quick chat and picking up one of the many freelancer Beach Road girls hasn’t changed over time. Thai girls and ladyboys of various shapes and sizes line the footpath most times of the day and night. They proposition passing men for what might be the cheapest entertainment in Pattaya and these offers are snapped up accordingly.

Pattaya still remains the devil’s playground despite attempts by the tourism authority to rebrand the city as a family orientated destination.

Tourists planning vacations to Pattaya simply don’t expect to see volumes of Thai girls and ladyboys perched beneath coconut trees and calling out lewd remarks to gain the attention of passing men.

For a different group of men, it is their daily ritual to walk laps along Beach Road scouting for Thai girls that they can whisk away for some action in a nearby short time room.

Walking around Pattaya and picking up Thai girls is a thrill many men think about and all the prostitutes loitering around makes this a simple task.

Picking up freelancer Beach Road girls

There are a few methods men use to pick up freelancer Beach Road girls in Pattaya. Some prefer to casually walk by and make eye contact with girls or wait for them to call out before going over to say hello.

This can be a strategy from a cost point of view as Thai girls may consider quoting a lower price to men who look less interested from the onset.

On the other hand, if none of the Beach Road girls make contact with you then you may look lost walking back and forth.

The best method is to do one pass, stop if you see a nice looking Thai girl and then ask if they want to go short time, where the room is and how much it will all cost. If you strike a deal then fine, otherwise casually stroll up to the next girl.

Many Thai girls working on Beach Road might be sitting down drinking bottles of Leo and even nursing children in the company of their friends. For this reason, it is better to approach the obvious looking ones standing alone than a potential non-working girl.

Anywhere between Soi 7 and Walking Street is a good place to look for Beach Road girls with a good concentration of girls and ladyboys between Soi 12 and 13/2.

There are a lot more ladyboy groups after Soi 13/2 that shout out aggressive remarks and is often easier to dodge this area. It is always ideal to use one of the adjacent short time rooms and you should never take Beach Road girls back to your hotel just to save a few hundred Baht.

How much for Beach Road girls in Pattaya

The price for short time with one of Pattaya’s Beach Road girls can vary quite a bit and is usually quoted based on a judgement call.

This can fluctuate from 500 to 1,000 Baht and really depends on your appearance, how many other customers are canvasing the area and how desperate the girls are to earn some money.

There are some nice looking Beach Road girls, but they are often considered the lowest standard in the hierarchy of prostitutes. Most of the girls come from Thailand and the neighboring countries Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

Thai girls working on Pattaya Beach Road aim to attract passing men and take them to one of the popular short time rooms in Soi 13/1 that costs as low as 120 and up to 200 Baht per time.

Potential working girls and ladyboys need only catch a bus to Pattaya, find a shady spot under a coconut tree and just hang around there late into the evening propositioning customers.

The benefit these girls realize is they can earn instant cash without been indentured to work in beer bars for long hours with the threat of having their salaries cut if they don’t meet all the mamasan work conditions. The best time to pick up Beach Road girls in Pattaya is once it gets dark after 9PM.

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