Pattaya is one of the best places to travel for single men, however with so much attention you begin to wonder if Thai girls only want your money. You only need to take a stroll past massage shops in Soi Chaiyapoon and Soi Honey in the afternoon or down Soi 6 and 7 in the evening to be bombarded with available Thai girls ready to show you a good time.

Thai girls are highly available most hours of the day with bar girls, ladyboys and massage girls flirting with men of all types young and old.

It’s best to keep in mind that nothing is free in the land of smiles which leaves you wondering do Thai girls only want your money and how much is it going to cost.

Usually the response “up to you” is given when asking a Thai girl for a suggestion which indicates she doesn’t really care. Probably as long as she gets paid for her time whatever is ok.

There are many more Thai girls outside the beer bar and disco scene who are students, retail and office employees who use Thai dating apps to contact men. Messaging these girls generally results in going on a date with some nice Thai girls, whilst others get straight to the point by asking “how much you pay me”.

This can be an awkward question for men looking for a genuine relationship who are faced with the condition of money right from the onset.

Are Thai girls only thinking about money

The criteria to maintain appeal with Thai girls in Pattaya is quite narrow; the first is to be a man, but not necessarily and second to have disposable cash. Bar girls don’t discriminate when either a fine looking man or an overweight slob in a Chaang singlet were to stroll past the bar.

This tests that Thai girls only thinking about money as everyone is a “sexy man”. Using more of this money correlates to the number of girls you can occupy at any one time in a given venue when compared to not purchasing lady drinks, tipping gogo dancers and other activities.

Often no debate takes place when it comes to direction of money when paying for sex. Whether the offer was made or received, took place in a bar or public is irrelevant. By default, the foreigner always pays.

It would be absurd if a foreign man met a Thai girl in a disco, went back to her apartment for a night of fun and then asked her for money in the morning. Yet is it highly acceptable for the reverse to be enforced because Thailand has so many prostitutes.

The cost of living in Thailand can be very affordable and one might ask that if Thai girls are only thinking about money, how much do they actually need before greed takes over.

How much money are Thai girls worth

Calculating how much money Thai girls are worth is adjusted on an individual basis. Men with special tastes and desires may be willing to value time spend with Thai girls higher than someone who just needs a quick romp with no frills.

Pricing is typically inefficient when it comes to Thai girls quoting how much money they want for their services. There is a unofficial range of known prices that differ upon whether Thai girls are picked up from a 50 Baht cheap charlie beer bar, premium gogo or from under a coconut tree on Beach Road.

Further to that, working girls in Pattaya simple make up fluctuating spot prices that they feel compensates them at any one time and can make no sense at all.

Success in striking a deal comes down to the maximum price the customer is willing to pay and the least acceptable offer the girl is willing to accept.

Sometimes there is some shuffle, however it is remains very easy to receive dozens of leads amongst different Pattaya nightlife venues and online dating options available to simply continue looking for more Thai girls.

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