There is certainly no shortage of beer bars in Pattaya and the real decision is to choose one with the best entertainment. Beautiful and younger looking Thai girls draw more customers into bars aside from loud music, food and happy hour beer promotions. The downside is that good looking Thai girls can be bar fined quickly which leaves beer bars empty at different times of the week.

For this reason, going to beer bars in Pattaya is often hit or miss. Your favorite beer bar can be totally fun one night and then dead quiet the next.

You never have to travel far as with Pattaya being one big red light district you can simply stroll down to the next bar or hop on a Baht Bus to visit another bar complex. Most places you go there are parties underway with Thai girls getting drunk and food available.

The downside to beer Bars in Pattaya’s red light district is the resupply of new Thai bar girls entering the industry.

Not too many fresh Thai girls have replenished the ageing population and less popular beer bar areas employ a mixture of older Thai women and hardened bar girls. Many of the better-looking Thai girls get lured by higher salaries into working in gogos and demand absurd prices.

Beer bars in Pattaya full of Thai girls

When looking for beer bars in Pattaya the best ones to consider are those full of Thai girls. Here you have a better chance of having a good time and even finding someone to enjoy the rest of the night with.

Depending on the location of your hotel and plans for the rest of the night, some good beer bar areas are in Naklua near Soi 33 on North Pattaya Roadand Drinking Street Near Soi 1 on Second Road.

Soi Buakhao that leads into LK Metro and on to Soi Diana has another beer bar complex that leads down to 2nd Road across from the avenue and next to Night Bazaar

Simon beer bar complex in the middle of Walking Street has loads of girls, but not really ideal to bar fine because every other gogo bar, disco has girls in there already that don’t need to be bar fined, unless they are taken out of course.

Jomtien has an excellent beer bar complex off Second Road and if at the beach can be accessed by walking up Soi 7 and crossing the road.

Other beer bars in Pattaya Soi 7, Soi 8 and New Plaza opposite 2nd Road in in Soi 11 have a range of girls, however they are mixed in with ladyboys that changes the whole bar dynamic.

Some people find they can’t tolerate to be around ladyboys on a nightly basis as they overrun bars to compete with Thai girls. Simply these bars turn to shit over time as the ratio of bar girls to ladyboys shifts.

Pattaya beer bars with short time rooms

Soi 6 Pattaya has always had the most convenient process to have sex with Thai bar girls and use the included short time room instead of leaving the bars. The whole of Soi 6 is packed with beer bars on both sides and there are hundreds of available Thai prostitutes working at any one time.

The variety of young, mature and experienced Thai girls and ladyboys makes Soi 6 one of the most popular places for men to visit between 1 PM to around 11 PM every day of the week.

Pattaya beer bars with short time rooms have become more limited in numbers as including the bar complexes men are required to pay a bar fine and then take a short stroll to a nearby short time room.

Many of the guesthouses Pattaya and Jomtien still have the option to use their internal rooms, but most men prefer to use their hotel for all night fun.

The most popular short time bars in Pattaya include Kinnerree Place on Pratumnak Hill between Soi 4 and 5. Telephone booth, Carre de Blanc and next to Triangle bar in Soi Chaiyapoon. These are closed door bars that have a curtain option in addition to short time rooms.

In these bars it is not uncommon to see hardcore action in front of your eyes as the girls are not shy to show their skills in view of the whole bar.

Whilst this practice is becoming harder to find it is still an activity that goes on in several Walking Street gogos including Baby Dolls and Club Electric Blue in Soi 15 and The Windmall in Soi Diamond.

Other discrete bars are located around Pattaya including Club Excite Soi 23 off 2nd Road, Carre Blanc Le Club – 3rd road soi 33, Telephone bar 46/3 off Sukhumvit Road and several other short time bars including Club 4 next to Nirun condo Bongkot Soi 8.

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  1. Mark July 14, 2017 at 9:40 am

    The budget breakdowns are superb, really helpful. I planning on staying a year but undecided on bkk or pattaya. Straight I’m seeing a big cost difference with bkk being s lot dearer.

    • TST July 22, 2017 at 3:57 pm

      You may consider spending 6 months in Bangkok and 6 months in Pattaya. They are approximately 2 hours from each other and travel is easy providing you don’t have loads of luggage.


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