4 Hands massage is a service in Pattaya that is different to what most ordinary massage shops promote. It includes 2 Thai girls, 2 sets of hands and is often more enjoyable than regular massage due to the extra stimulation. Men in Pattaya are tempted to the idea of being with 2 Thai girls at the same time, however the 4 hands massage does not always lead to a naughty ending.

Very few parlors in Pattaya advertise the 4 hands massage as a service, but those that do have plenty of Thai girls in cute outfits waiting outside for customers. These promotions appeal to men who may be shy to ask or were not successful in finding a good pair of massage girls in the past.

Pattaya massage shops located in Soi Chaiyapoon, Soi Honey and Soi Post Office (13/2) have a large selection of cute massage girls. These parlors are set up for happy ending massage purposes which is clear by the skimpy clothes worn by the girls.

The majority of clean massage services in Pattaya are generally performed by older, less attractive women covered in clothing from head to toe.

Massage girls take advantage of the individual booths and aim to upsell short time services similar to the beer bars in Soi 6 Pattaya.

This creates convenience for men looking to get laid in Pattaya as they no longer need to visit a beer bar complex, pay bar fines and go to a love hotel. The 4 hands massage is an excellent excuse to discretely be with 2 Thai girls at the same time.

How to get a 4 hands massage in Pattaya

Four hands massage involves 2 Thai girls rubbing your body at the same time and the process starts by selecting an ideal pair from outside of a massage shop. It should be understood that this massage and extra services is going to be double the price of a single massage girl.

2 oil massages and 2 happy endings are billed together and value is based on whether twice the fun was gained opposed to having 2 separate massage sessions.

Oil massage prices cost about 200 to 300 Baht per hour plus a rub and tug could be negotiated for an extra 300 Baht. In summary, the inclusive price for a 4 hands massage and to get jerked off by 2 Thai girls might cost 1,200 Baht. 2x 300 Baht oil massage plus 2x 300 Baht extra service.

Quotes may sky rocket into the zone of 2,000 Baht based on 1,000 Baht per Thai massage girl. In this case, the Devils Den probably provides better value for a similar price because the time spent there guarantees hardcore action with pros instead of sensual massage with farm girls.

Thai girls and ladyboys choose to work in Pattaya massage shops for the advantage of earning quick cash. Salaries in the hotel industry throughout Thailand pay in the region of 300-500 Baht per day including tips. Men typically pay 2-3 times that amount for a short time of around 30 minutes compared to working an 11 hour shift. 4 hands massage with 2 Thai girls for an hour could generate the same income as a full day working in another occupation.

Massage with 2 Thai girls in Pattaya

1. Walk around and look for massage shops advertising 2 ladies; or
2. Find 2 hot Thai girls working together and tell them you want them both.
3. Make it clear you want a 4 hands massage from the start and choose the best offer from a few different oil massage shops.
4. Strip down and prepare for the session.
5. Negotiate any extras at the appropriate time or beforehand for assured fun.

Be upfront by asking for the four hand massage, otherwise 1 massage girl will take charge whilst the other does little or no work. The price will still be double even if 1 girl does do all the work and the other sits back watching.

Massage with 2 girls varies in quality depending on their combined experience. Sometimes there is only a minor synergy to combine massage girls as twice the price simply doesn’t yield double the enjoyment.

Standard pricing does not permit any discount for purchasing multiple hours, massage girls and using just 1 room. Everything is multiplied instead.

Only a few parlors promote the 4 hands massage, however in reality any massage shop with 2 or more decent looking Thai massage girls can give the service. Some examples of locations include:

a. True Massage in Soi Buakhao between Soi Lenkee and Soi 15.
b. Home Massage 1 in Pattaya Soi 13/2 towards the 2nd Road end.

The cheapest Pattaya massage shops are located in Soi Chaiyapoon between Soi Buakhao (near the Subway restaurant) and 3rd Road. There is also a lot of quality variation because certain massage shops appear derelict and finding 2 attractive Thai girls who work together can rely on chance and good timing.

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